John I. Gilderbloom, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Cuban Research and Education Programs is a professor in the University of Louisville's Department of Urban and Public Affairs graduate program and the Director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods ( He teaches courses on Cuba, Historic Preservation, Housing, Urban Planning, and Revitalizing Inner Cities. Dr. Gilderbloom has won two "teacher of the year" awards and the Professional Speakers Bureau now represents his popular lectures on Cuba. He has been profiled in the New York Times, Atlanta Constitution Journal, and Planning Magazine. Dr. Gilderbloom has written articles on a variety of public policy issues for 21 academic journals and 18 chapters in books; he has also written two books. He has written articles in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. Most recently, Dr. Gilderbloom served as a technical advisor for National Geographic's recent special issue on old Havana. He is currently writing a book on Cuba and has published articles on Cuba recently in Planning Magazine and the Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture. Dr. Gilderbloom has been to Cuba 20 times in the past four years and is internationally recognized. He is a member of Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba Board of Directors, where he sometimes volunteers as a spokesman. Dr. Gilderbloom recently earned an honorary diploma, along with several other honors, from Cuba's Union of National Architects and Engineers. [SHORT RESUME] [COMPLETE RESUME]