Students Funding for Cuba Travel

If you are persistent and give yourself enough time, students can usually find funding for this program. In your favor is that this program has a license from the U.S. Treasury Department, it is organized and taught by a tenured full Professor who will do an evaluation of your effort on the Cuba program, the student must be getting some kind of course credit. We want the course credit to be given through your University and not the University of Louisville. Some students have gotten all of their expenses covered, others have had part of their expenses covered. I would try the following groups or persons: student government both within the department and school wide, international organization, Department Chair, Dean of School, Provost and President of the University. They all have pockets of money for student travel. Since we have a humanitarian mission, church groups and non profit organizations might also provide money for your efforts. It is significant that we will provide each participant can bring up to 22 pounds of medicine to Cuba that we will provide for free! We also urge persons to bring clothing, toys and medicine for Caritas outreach center for persons with AIDS. Another way to get a free trip is to organize a group of ten persons or more and we can provide you with a free trip or give everyone an across the board reduction in the price of the program. If you can get a professor to sponsor the trip and twenty folks go both you and the Professor go for free. Some folks have gone to Lions' or Rotary Club for support as well. We should note that some students pay for their trips by buying cigars in the Cuban black market for $30 and reselling them for $350 each in America. This is illegal and against U.S. Treasury regulations. You can only bring back 2 or 3 boxes of cigars and they can only be for personal use or gifts. I hope this helps!