How do I sign up?

What we need from you to begin the process is: 1) the registration form, 2) a one- to two-page resume, 3) a short letter of intent detailing how the research program relates to your professional/academic/organizational interests, and a $500 deposit payable by check or money order made out to or by credit card. The statement of interest can be as short as a paragraph and can not exceed one page in length. This letter needs to include information on how you will attempt to disseminate information once you return from Cuba. Dissemination of information can cover writing a newsletter story for a professional organizaiton that you belong to, giving a talk or slide show to a professional group that you belong to, giving a talk to your congressional representative, or giving an interview to a local TV, radio or newspaper. We areavailable to assist you with your application, so please call if you need help. Once we receive and approve your registration materials, you can begin making travel arrangements.