What do I need to budget for?

(All programs) US citizens will need to get to either Cancun or Nassau to meet their respective connecting flights. If you get your round-trip ticket well in advance the cost from the states can be as low as $250 on Delta or USAir Ways (this is based on Louisville to the Bahamas). You will need to budget for spending money while in Cuba to cover the cost of meals not included in the program, taxis, tips, entertainment, and keepsakes. You also need to budget for a $20 exit fee when leaving Cuba. If you stay an additional night in the Bahamas or Cancun, you need to budget for a $15 exit fee at these locations. We estimate that you can budget for $50 per day while in Cuba. Some feel, however, that you should budget for about $75 to $100 a day.. Some useful examples that may help you to budget properly: (1) you can not spend anymore than $100 on Cuban cigars, (2) you are limited to two bottles of Rum at prices varying from $3.50 to $95.00, (3) bottled water or sodas are usually a $1, (4) a visit to the Tropicana costs $75, (5) meals can range from $3 to $30 depending on the quality of restaurant you are dining at, (6) keepsakes can range from $2 for a pair of morrocas on up to $150 for a gallery painting, and (7) taxis from the hotel to downtown are typically around $3, to a location 30-45 minutes away is around $12, or you can often rent a driver for the entire day for $45-$65. These are estimates and prices may vary, but these costs should help you budget and plan for the program. Please note that you cannot use credit cards or find ATM machines. Even the U.S. Interest Section does not provide a service that gives you money. The tour leader is also without this service as well. There are weekly updates on our web site: www.cubanow.org. If you have any questions, please contact us at 502-479-3666, or via e-mail at cubanow@mindspring.com. We check our messages regularly and will try to get back to you within 24 hours.