Biography: Sade is one of our most popular Cuban artists. Sade's paintings have commanded more attention from buyers than any other artwork that we have imported from Cuba. People from all over the world have purchased his art. He is Afro-Cuban and was born in Havana where he now lives and works. Sade was trained as an engineer and has no formal art training.

Sade's work is lively and colorful. The brightness of his work draws all eyes in the room to his paintings. Sade has been strongly influenced by Pablo Picasso and Joan Miró. He also incorporates imagery from Santeria, a Cuban religion borne of Spanish colonial Catholicism and West African religions. The buyer will get a picture of the artist in Cuba and a copy of the official "Registrar of the National Bureau of Culture for the Republic of Cuba" that authorizes this painting to be exported out of Cuba. This process also authenticates the artist as a true Cuban painter--don't be fooled by art dealers that don't have these export papers.

Sade's paintings were declared "notable" at a recent showing of Cuban art in a Louisville gallery by an, art critic for Kentucky's largest newspaper. Recently, the NBC morning news show "Sunrise" featured the work of Sade. Moreover, eight of Sade's paintings sold in eBay auctions. Several eBay buyers have come back to buy additional Sade paintings. eBay buyers have given the Cuban art collection a 100% praise rating. One eBay buyer, who purchased two of Sade's paintings, called them "exceptional artwork--truly revolutionary." Another eBay called Sade's paintings some of the "best art on Ebay." An East Coast art gallery owner who has purchased two of Sade's paintings said: "the best art I have purchased in years; there is no better value on eBay."