Artist name: Joel Rojas

Biography: Joel Rojas is considered one of Cuba's best contemporary abstract artists. His art was recognized as among the best contemporary artists in Cuba at the 1998 "Second National Showing of Contemporary Art in Cuba." Rojas was born in Havana, Cuba where he lives and works. (We will include this brochure with purchase of the painting to insure value.) His paintings have been shown in galleries in: Holland, England, Spain, and France. Rojas is unaware of any American galleries displaying his art, so this can be considered his American debut!

This painting represents some of Rojas' most interesting work. He has developed a unique abstract style that is making Cuba one of the best places in the world to buy art. Due to his reputation, we actively sought out his artwork but always suffered the disappointment of his paintings having been purchased by other art dealers. Finally in June 2000, Rojas completed 20 abstract paintings and immediately put them on display in Cuba's largest and most prestigious art gallery at the Plaza de Armas in Old Havana. We were fortunate enough to purchase three paintings, and had returned to buy more only to find that a Dutch art dealer had purchased the remaining paintings! The Dutch buyer claimed that the paintings would sell in European galleries for $1,000 to $5,000!

The painting is oil on canvas. The buyer will get a copy of the official "Registration of the National Bureau of Culture for the Republic of Cuba" that authorizes this painting to be exported out of Cuba. The buyer will also get a brochure from the International Art show that featured the work of Rojas and a handful of other Cuban artists. A picture of Rojas is in the pamphlet.




Artist: Joel Rojas

Size: 25 by 31 inches

Medium: acrylic on canvas

Price $195--sold