Cuba Style

Graphics from the Golden Age of Design

By Vicki Gold Levi & Steven Heller

"Land of eternal spring" ..."The land of romance"
..."The Paris of the Caribbean!"

From the 1920's to the late 1950's the word Cuba became synonymous with paradise. The image of Cuba as an "anything goes" tropical paradise was vigorously promoted around the world by the travel industry and was reinforced through the unique graphic style of Cubanos graphistos. They combined elements of Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Bauhaus, modernism, and Vegas-style kitsch in a distinctly Cuban sensibility.

In CUBA STYLE: GRAPHICS FROM THE GOLDEN AGE OF DESIGN (Princeton Architectural Press/$20,00 paperback/November 2002) authors Vicki Gold Levi and Steven Heller have collected hundreds of vintage graphics of Cuba from the 1920's to before the 1959 revolution, CUBA STYLE, the first book of its kind, reproduces a treasure trove of graphics from popular magazines, packaging, posters, and indigenous products such as liquor and cigars,

2002 marked the 100th anniversary of the founding of the National Republic of Cuba. CUBA STYLE is a visual history of Cuba in its Golden Age and a unique opportunity to tour pre-Castro Cuba through the rare graphics of its earlier and extraordinary popular culture.

About the Authors

Vicki Gold Levi is a historical picture editor, photography curator and author who has worked for magazines such as Esquire, Mirabella and New Woman. Vicki was picture editor for the projection designs of several Broadway shows, and is also the co-founder of the Atlantic City Historical Museum.

Steven Heller is a senior art director for The New York Times and author of over eighty books on art, popular culture, and design, including Counter Culture (Princeton Architectural Press, 2001)

8.75"x 9" , 168 pages, 250 color
ISBN 1-56898-360-3

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