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Travel Holiday, which is the world's largest travel magazine with over 625,000 readers, chose us for its prestigious 1999 "Insider Award" for excellence in travel and educational programs. The award is a worldwide celebration of the "undiscovered and the unsung, we demanded a peek into the future, a look at what surprises lie in the year ahead--and that's what we got from our globetrotting staff and correspondents." Our program has been featured in major newspapers (Baltimore Sun, Miami New Times), television (CNN Worldview, PBS National Defense Monitor) and magazines (Planning, Travel Holiday) and television shows (CNN World View, Public Television National Defense Monitor). Our best evaluations has been the testimonials of participants of our program who have declared it anywhere from "trip of a lifetime" to "best travel program ever taken." Our programs are aimed to teach you not only about planning, sustainable development, preservation and design, but also about learning about a country and people who are very different from us. The program also aims to teach us something about ourselves as Americans as we move to the year 2000. 

American urban scholars, community activists, preservationists and housing officials, planners and architects have a once in a lifetime opportunity to travel to Cuba. As most Americans are aware, these programs provide a rare and unique opportunity for persons with an interest in housing, preservation, sustainable living and architecture to travel legally to Cuba. The official language is "English".

The Cuba and Costa Rica conferences and research programs are sponsored by is not affiliated with any government, university, foundation or corporation; funding for these programs comes from fees paid by program participants. Dr. John Gilderbloom organizes the research and educational program for a group of qualified United States citizens to study sustainable development, housing, architecture, preservation and planning in Cuba. Teressa Jackson is the program coordinator. also provides information on how Americans can legally attend international conferences in Cuba which focus on architecture, planning, housing and economic development. is pleased to provide information to United States citizens on the content of these programs and how citizens can legally attend these programs. All travel arrangements (including financial) are handled by Marazul Tours Inc. which has official United States authorization to make travel arrangements for US citizens. helps provide information on how US citizens can obtain without hassle a license for travel to Cuba. carefully follows all United States Treasury Office of Foreign Assets Control regulations on travel to Cuba. has been succesful in getting 100 diverse Americans a U.S. Treasury travel licenses.

John I. Gilderbloom, Ph.D., Executive Director of the Cuban Research and Education Programs is a professor in the University of Louisville's Department of Urban and Public Affairs graduate program and the Director of the Center for Sustainable Urban Neighborhoods ( He teaches courses on Cuba, Historic Preservation, Housing, Urban Planning, and Revitalizing Inner Cities. Dr. Gilderbloom has won two "teacher of the year" awards and the Professional Speakers Bureau now represents his popular lectures on Cuba. He has been profiled in the New York Times, Atlanta Constitution Journal, and Planning Magazine. Dr. Gilderbloom has written articles on a variety of public policy issues for 21 academic journals and 18 chapters in books; he has also written two books. He has written articles in the Wall Street Journal, Washington Post, USA Today Magazine, and the Los Angeles Times. Most recently, Dr. Gilderbloom served as a technical advisor for National Geographic's recent special issue on old Havana. He is currently writing a book on Cuba and has published articles on Cuba recently in Planning Magazine and the Encyclopedia of 20th Century Architecture. Dr. Gilderbloom has been to Cuba 20 times in the past four years and is internationally recognized. He is a member of Americans for Humanitarian Trade with Cuba Board of Directors, where he sometimes volunteers as a spokesman. Dr. Gilderbloom recently earned an honorary diploma, along with several other honors, from Cuba's Union of National Architects and Engineers.

Through our license, Cuban Research and Education Programs provides the needed legal permission for qualified participants to travel and a legitimate travel agency. Our travel agency, Marazul Tours, Inc. is one of a handful of companies that is authorized by the U.S. Treasury to make business transactions with Cuba. Marazul Tours, Inc. handles all travel and financial arrangements for our programs. They are the agency that made travel arrangements for Americans to visit the Pope in Cuba during his January 1998 visit to the island. Marazul has extensive experience in making travel arrangements for research and programs and arranged travel for to Cuba for over 50 research and education groups, including programs for Harvard, John Hopkins, and New York University.

1999 Program Evaluation